Jun 232013

Blue QuestionWhile preparing for the workshop on pitching that I’m giving later this week, I’ve been thinking about the purposes of a pitch. So far I’ve got two:

1. To initiate a conversation. In other words, to get the other party (or parties) to say “How do you do that?” or “Tell me more.” or “How can I help?”

2. To be remembered.

Here’s an example.

You’re talking to someone between sessions at a conference. You’ve introduced yourself and given your pitch. Dialogue is started. Her boss comes over. What’s the best thing that can happen next?

Aside from the boss immediately making 10,000 orders of your product or hiring you at an astronomical salary, the best thing is this:

She turns to her boss and introduces you in this way, “This is Joe, and he does____(fill in your pitch here).” She remembered your pitch and gave it to her boss for you. Now you’ve been recommended.

Not bad for 5 minutes’ work. You’re on your way to getting the orders or the job interview.

Some ideas on how to make your pitch memorable:

Joshua Foer, in Moonwalking with Einstein, says that the “brain best remembers things that are repeated, rhythmic, rhyming, structured, and above all easily visualized.”

The Heath Brothers’ SUCCESS model, in Made to Stick, is all about memory: Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, Story.

Today’s TIP.

Do you have a picture that can help sell your product? Could it go on the back of your business card as an opener for your pitch?

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  1. Jonathan, do I need to register somewhere special for Wednesday ? Sorry to ask, I am sure the info is out there, somewhere but I am running around like a headless chicken and need clarity. Please let me know – email is also just fine.

    Thank you, tot ziens,


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