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Helps you make interesting, powerful and useful presentations

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TIP – Talbott International Presentations

Helpt u om een interessante, duidelijke en nuttige presentatie samen te stellen.

TIP biedt oplossingen voor presentaties aan particulieren en bedrijven.
TIP helpt u pitches en presentaties (PowerPoint en anders) te maken van hoge kwaliteit, met een sterke boodschap.
Wilt u met zelfvertrouwen en maximale impact uw praatje houden? Neem dan contact op met TIP.
Met onze TIPs hoeft u nooit meer zenuwachtig of gestresst te zijn, en wij kunnen u helpen uw publiek bij de les te houden!

In Europa besteden bedrijven en overheden elke dag miljoenen aan presentaties (Bron: Wall Street Journal). Dat is weggegooid geld als uw presentatie saai is of de boodschap onduidelijk. TIP helpt u een presentatie te houden die uw boodschap overbrengt en uw product verkoopt. Zo hoeft u nooit meer tijd en geld te verspillen!

Ik ben Jonathan Talbott, een specialist in het geven van presentaties met een achtergrond in klassieke muziek, marketing en onderwijs. Ik ben geboren in Amerika, het land van de mooiste redevoeringen. Als violist moet ik mij steeds handig presenteren op cd, dvd en het podium. Ik ben nu bijna twintig jaar in Nederland en wil bij TIP mijn presentatievaardigheden graag aan u doorgeven. Engels is mijn moedertaal en ik kan u leren om interessante presentaties (o.a. in het Engels) te houden.

If communicating with Powerpoint is a fact of life, why does it give us so much stress?

Talbott International Presentations solves presentation problems for individuals and companies.

TIP helps you make high quality pitches and presentations that get to the point.

The next time you want to present efficiently and with confidence, contact TIP.
TIP can get your stress under control and even give you a few TIPS to wake up your audience!

Tell me more

A presentation
is the
ultimate form
of permission marketing

Let me tell you why
What makes a great presentation?

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A presentation is the ultimate form of permission marketing

Where else can you find room of people who are there to hear your pitch, your idea, your plan?
A presentation is more powerful than an advertisement. It’s direct connection with willing listeners – who also happen to be decision makers and influencers.
Here's what you can gain: sales, investment, reputation, clients, money...
You have them in the room.
You just need to tip them to your side...

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TIP helps you:


  Use your time effectively
  Reduce your stress


  Increase the quality of your communication
  Increase your audience’s engagement

Save money

  Increase your bottom line
  Cut costs

I can come to your office and help you organize a presentation or pitch that will make you shine.
As a native speaker of American English with decades of performing arts experience, I can help you deliver great presentations in vivid and correct English.
Further, TIP gives workshops on a number of subjects crucial to presenting, pitching and persuading. (See workshops section.)

You have an incredible set of tools at your disposal: everything from words and stories to pictures and products.
Let’s open the toolbox and build great presentations that connect, convince and resonate.

Who is this Talbott guy?
About workshops
Want an example?

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About Jonathan Talbott

I’m Jonathan Talbott — a presentation specialist with a background in classical music, marketing, and education. You can find out more about me on my LinkedIn profile or about my violin career here.

I grew up in America, the land of image, polish and advertising. I moved to the Netherlands in 1995.

After listening to far too many boring presentations, I decided to use my experience in the performing arts to help people. So I started Talbott International Presentations (TIP), a presentation agency that specializes in the structure and delivery of pitches and presentations intended for the international stage.

I help clients with all aspects of their presentations, from concept to execution and beyond, including polishing their English (unless the presentation is in Dutch).

In my musical career I creatively solve presentation problems on stage, video and recordings. With TIP I do the same in the business world. I help presenters, storytellers and salespeople express their points simply, effectively and powerfully.

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TIP presents workshops in English or in Dutch on a number of themes relating to pitches and presentation.

Here are some samples:

  • Pitching and Catching: how to pitch an idea, a business or yourself
  • How to Avoid a Near Death by PowerPoint Experience
  • Vocal Production
  • Presenting to Everyone’s Inner Child (Story, Illustration and Attention Grabbing)
  • The Presenter's Magic Toolbox
  • Presentation Psychology: How to Be Memorable
  • The Cure for Nerves: How to Rehearse and Plan your Presentations
  • Focus, a Short Workshop on Getting to the Point

TIP also provides masterclasses on presentations and pitches as part of the training network UandUS.

Happy clients.

Meet Joe.

Joe has a presentation today and Joe is stressed.

Read what TIP can do for Joe
(or his colleague JANINE)
Joe What can a presentation save you?

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Since I started TIP in October 2012, we’ve been busy.

Here are some of our clients, both large and small.

TEDx Conferences

Training, coaching and other presentation assistance

  • Nationale Nederland
  • Cordaid
  • Heerema Marine
  • European Space Agency
  • Global Human Rights Defense
  • ASKO
  • Qafé
  • D66

Pitch Training

Lecturer and guest lecturer

  • Delft University of Technology
  • Rotterdam School of Management
  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • Leiden University
  • Erasmus University
  • Rotterdam Business School

"Jonathan infuses business consulting with his fantastic creative background in music and performing arts. His marketing genius includes the pivotal clarity his clients gain with regards to their purpose and business offering, as well as how to wrap it in a new and relevant coat. He is efficient, flexible and his dry humor adds energy to any business meeting." -- Madeleine Van Der Steege, Director European Operations Cranimals, Project Director WeSoar

"I hired Jonathan to help me create a presentation for an IT conference about Tribal Business. He helped me to organize my mountains of notes and architect an interesting story. And the support didn’t stop there. He also helped me write the talk and build the slide deck… and then on top of that, gave me practice tips that were invaluable (and fun!)." -- Lisette Sutherland, Creating Collaborative Communities

"I have participated in Jonathan’s workshop on pitching. What I liked most is the focus on communication from the receiver’s perspective. Jonathan is familiar with the non-profit sector which, I believe, is a unique combination and an added value to his business." -- Ligia Rocha (MSc), Project Administrator at Cordaid

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Yesterday, Joe and Janine did what many other people did.

They went to work on their presentation and got stuck in a world of themes, fonts, colors and clip art. They stayed up most of the night fixing the animations on their slides.

Today they have to present their team’s plans to a room full of senior managers and potential clients, and they are going to improvise what they are going to say.

How do you think it will go?

TIP has a more successful strategy.

When we create your presentation, the first thing we do is find your point.

Then we develop the best way to communicate it.

(And, if it’s necessary to telling your story effectively, we’ll even fix the animations on your slides...)

TIP saves you

Poor presentations cost companies sales, damage their reputations, and waste everyone’s time. Let's make the world more interesting, one presentation at a time.

Read about how Get in touch

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Presentations and Pitches

Most presentation projects take someplace between 2 and 10 hours of time with the client. Depending on the kind of project, I usually take their storyline, notes, or visuals back to my office to finish putting the pieces together, until the pitch or presentation is ready for the next step, whether that is further refinement, revision of the slides, rehearsal or the presentation itself.

On the other hand, it doesn’t always work this way. Sometimes you just need 30 minutes of advice, but other times projects (a major product launch or a reworking of a company’s sales presentations, for example) can take days or even weeks. Therefore, it would be quite unfair to quote an hourly rate.

Please contact TIP for an estimate


TIP offers three kinds of training and workshops: 1 hour (i.e. lunch hour), 1/2 day (or evening), or full day.
€185/hour, €550/1/2 day, €1100full day

Investor Pitches for StartUps

Beginning entrepreneurs who are trying to sell their great ideas to investors deserve a break. For young companies developing their first pitches, I offer a first meeting of 1.5 hours for €200, followed by an hourly rate of €150,-.

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TIP helps you Save Money

Poor presentations cost companies sales, damage their reputations, and waste everyone’s time.

Did you know that European businesses waste about 110 billion euros per year on presentations? The Wall Street Journal estimates that time wasted on presentations costs more than 250 million dollars a day.

Your company is throwing money away on every presentation. Why not invest in great presentations that will make a big improvement in productivity, sales, reputation and your client list?

Of the 30 million presentations given each day, worldwide, most of them could have been given in half the time and been twice as powerful.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work finding your communications solutions and making your presentations exciting, enjoyable and memorable.